Tragus Piercing- Know Everything Before Getting It

Tragus piercing could curb appetite.

An Expert’s View On Tragus Piercing

Although tragus piercing was first introduced in 2005, it has become one of the hottest trends of the moment. Big Hollywood celebrities like Rihanna, Candice Swanepoel, Scarlett Johansson and Lucy Hale have tried it.

After discussing tragus piercing and its health benefits with a piercing expert and an acupuncturist, I’m here with some of its amazing facts, health benefits, after effects, healing, and cultural importance.

Tragus piercing is gaining popularity among those who want to curb some extra fat. However, the theory of weight loss with piercings have been backed by many historical pieces of evidence and acupuncturists. We’ll talk about this in detail and see if it works or not.

Before getting any changes on your body, You should always consider its after effects. A small change can bring a lot of changes in your body, internally.

Tragus Piercing

Tragus Piercing is a perforation of Tragus in order to wear different pieces of jewelry. It’s been very popular among many body modification fans since 2005 but people are now considering as a treatment for weight loss. This practice is getting more popular with the time among those who want to lose some extra pounds, Although many of them are not a big fan of piercing.

Types of Tragus Piercings

  1. Vertical Tragus Piercing

vertical tragus piercing

Vertical tragus piercing is a perforation of tragus made vertically right from the edge. It is known to hurt more than usual piercings because this runs through the small fold of cartilage and comes out on the same side. It goes well with a fully developed tragus. It is a new type of piercing and is gaining more popularity among piercing fans.

2. Surface Tragus Piercing

surface tragus piercing

Surface tragus piercing and verticle tragus piercing only differ for the fact that surface tragus piercing doesn’t go through the cartilage completely. It is hard to tell whether a person got verticle or surface tragus piercing by just having a look. It traverses through the cartilage flesh without reaching the other side of the cartilage. It is quick to do process and goes well with the needle.

3. Double Tragus Piercing

double tragus piercing

People think that a double tragus piercing causes more pain than a normal tragus piercing but it is just a misconception. At first, the swelling and healing seem worse, but after a while, it is all same. It is also a misconception that double tragus piercing is harder to do but the procedure is as basic as usual tragus piercing.

4. Anti-Tragus Piercing

anti tragus piercing

The Anti-Tragus Piercing is a perforation of cartilage fold adjacent to lobe and tragus. It is mostly loved by young people as it is great to express the personality. It is a tricky job, you must aim to get it done by a perfect professional. It’s aftercare is much complex than other piercings. It usually takes 8-18 weeks to fully heal.

Historical Facts About Tragus Piercing

As you all might know, piercing is one of the oldest forms of body modifications with artistic and written references from cultures around the world dating back to early history. Carved images of soldiers of the Persian empire on the surviving walls shows them wearing earrings in the tragus. Soldiers were made to wear Tragus jewelry because they were expected to be fit till they’re in service. They would do tragus piercing as an acupuncture method that would indirectly help them maintain their weight and remain un-anxious all the times.

Ear piercing has primarily been used by a tribe of West Africa like Fulani as a form of adornment and displaying the wealth on various occasions. Nomadic tribes like The Tuareg of the Sahara and the Bedouins of the Sinai Peninsula would wear heavy jewelry in the pierced ears in order to carry them while moving from place to place.

Healing Time

If you don’t have a special medical condition like diabetes or some auto-immune disease, 4 to 7 days are more than enough for the wound to get fully dry. However, you should do after care for at least 6 months to let it fully heal. Healing depends on your current health condition and your skin type. It may take longer if you’re piercing wound becomes infected.

Pain Level

Tragus piercing may hurt you more if you’ve never got a piercing in the past. Pain level of Tragus piercing is lesser than Daith piercing and slightly more than nose piercing. On the scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 unbearable, If you’ve already had a piercing before I would personally give it 3, Or else 5.

Check out the reaction of this girl while getting a tragus piercing on her left ear.

Pain Level With Needle

A needle is an ideal tool for tragus piercing for many reasons. It is precise, accurate and hurts less. It gets the job done quickly as compared to the guns. On the scale of 1-10, the needle will cause the pain of level 3 or 4.

Pain Level With Gun

Guns are not advisable for the Tragus or Daith piercing for many reasons. It causes trouble while piercing and is not very precise. It will hurt you more not giving you the desired results. It will cause the pain of level 5-6.


There’s always a possibility of piercings getting infected for many reasons. A reason may be the accumulation of dirt and germs, extra pressure on the wound and many. When a tragus becomes infected, it either swells or turns reddish. It may bleed a yellow or green smelly discharge.

Infection in the spider bites piercing and snake bites piercing doesn’t stop there, it also causes severe oral damage.

Do not try to remove the jewelry by yourself or else infection will become worse.

Symptoms Of Infection

You should see your piercer if you experience any of these symptoms-

  • Swelling that lasts longer than 48 hours.
  • Severe pain.
  • Yellow discharge.
  • Dark pus with odor.
  • A bump at back or front of your piercing site.
  • Ongoing inflammation or redness at the site.
  • AN uncomfortable and persistent warmness.


Prevention is better than cure, So we’ll ensure no infection first. Here are some preventive measures-

  • Avoid laying on the piercing, If you lay on them especially when healing, It will irritate cause irritation bumps.
  • Moisturize the site by filling it with mustard oil daily.
  • All you need to put a thin neem stick instead of a jewelry for 2 to 3 weeks after the piercing to prevent infection.
  • Spraying with sterile saline or wound wash 0-2 times a day and leaving it alone should be enough to keep them at bay.
  • Dry your pierced ear with a cotton cloth gently or use a hair drier.
  • Things like cotton balls and q-tips also shouldn’t be used on them since the fibers can get caught and cause trouble too.
  • Avoid contact with the tragus and cosmetics until it’s fully healed.
  • Avoid touching the tragus every now and then.
  • Use towel gently or else piercing may get stuck in the cloth.
  • Things like tea tree oil, salt soaks, chamomile compresses, etc. are too harsh for an open wound and will only irritate piercings.


There are many ways to treat the infection, here are the best of them-

  • You can apply a paste of turmeric and mustard oil on the wound daily.
  • Washing it with warm water may help to get some relief from the pain.
  • Apply a paste of Neem Bark daily. It is tried and tested for most of the skin infections.
  • Change the bedding daily and clean the ear so sweat and dirt don’t accumulate on the tragus.

Gun or Needle

There are various acupuncture points on your ears which if punctured, will affect your system internally. There’s no surprise why a gun is not recommended for tragus piercing, they’re not precise and you may not get the desired results. Only a newbie piercer or someone who wants to get his job done as soon as possible will ever suggest you gun shot for a tragus piercing.

As long as you get pierced with an implant grade titanium stud and have a good aftercare routine, that seems to be as best of a job you can do in avoiding the bump.

Sewing Needle

NO! A piercing needle is hollow and is designed to carve out the skin but a sewing needle isn’t for this. Keep it just for sewing things not piercing.

Tragus Piercing Cost

The cost of Tragus piercing depends on the city you live in and the piercer you hire for the job. Everything accounted for, a tragus piercing may cost you somewhat between $15-$50. The average charge is $35. However, it also depends on the piece of jewelry you choose.

Side Effects

As such there are no side effects associated with a tragus piercing other than normal swelling of ear lobe and infection. Some people also promote false statements of getting deaf after having a tragus piercing, but it isn’t true.

Tragus Piercing And Weight loss

People worldwide are considering tragus piercing as appropriate to achieve their weight loss goals but many are still confused if it’s a good reason to get a tragus piercing. Well, in my post about Daith Piercing Migraines, I’ve mentioned about the importance of acupuncture points on your ears which directly or indirectly affect your body if acupunctured. Piercing is a form of acupuncture therapy used in many parts of Asia and western America.

The staples that are left in your ears for many months apparently curb your appetite resulting in weight loss.

The acupuncture point right on the middle of your tragus is responsible for appetite control, Which after piercing helps to control your appetite. Dr. Paul Nogier, The Father of Modern Auriculotherapy found this in late 50’s.

Isn’t this safer than weight loss pills which usually leaves nothing but side effects like anxiety, liver damage, and kidney problems?

One of our team members who also happens to be a nutritionist and a weight loss expert raised a question. She said, “Do tragus piercings also alter metabolism rate?”

We kept digging more into the facts and possibilities until we found the best answer. Actually the fact that tragus piercing help controlling the appetite itself is an answer. Metabolism is the rate at which your body converts food to energy. So, the amount and quality of food you eat directly affect your metabolism.

Getting a tragus piercing and eating crap won’t help you in losing pounds. You’ll still have to eat right.

Myths Being Promoted

Yes, It is true that you’ll be able to curb weight with tragus piercing but few marketing geeks are promoting wrong information. Here are some:

Myth1– It is a quick process and you’ll lose the desired pounds in a week or so.

You can remove and wear piercing but reason for doing it should be fashion not gaining and losing weight every week

Myth2– You don’t need to make any changes in your lifestyle because it magically curbs the appetite. ” A perfect one liner to sell tragus jewelry or to motivate someone for tragus piercing for weight loss”.

Full Article In This Video

Bottom Line

Tragus piercing is 100% safe if it’s aftercare is done properly. with no side effects, it adds up to your personality. As far as weight loss with tragus piercing is concerned, you’ll definitely curb some extra fat, but it’s not a magical process. You’ll still have to opt for a healthy lifestyle. With right food and altered metabolism through a pierced tragus, you’ll be able to achieve your weight loss goals.


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