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Spider Bites Piercing Can Cost You, Know How? | Facts

Spider bites piercing is cool but ral health is important too, you should click and read.

Spider Bites Piercing Can Cost You

The heading of this article might have scared you, but hey that wasn’t my intention at all. The reason why I’m saying that a spider bites piercing can cost you high is that I have a good experience into piercing and I know how you can save yourself from infections and other injuries associated with the spider bites piercing.

Lip piercings are growing very popular, more people are daring to get painful piercings done with different styles and pieces for example Tragus piercing and Daith piercing. Just like those trendy piercings, spider bites piercings are loved by youngsters and body mods fans. These modifications can help you reduce depression.

One of the good things about spider bites piercing is that it heals faster than other types of piercings.

If you’re contemplating to get a spider bites piercing, you would want to know if it hurts. While the lip being a sensitive area, spider bites piercing is known to cause less pain as compared to other lip piercings. But, it truly depends on person-to-person. We’ll discuss this in a much-elaborated way later in this article.

We’ll talk about everything related to the spider bites piercing today and will focus on the possibilities for you to not regret getting it.

Let’s get started!

What Is Spider Bites Piercing?

Spider bites piercing is a perforation(in pair) on the lower lip, at the corner of the mouth. The reason behind calling it a spider bites piercing is because it is done in the pair. It is also referred to as Viper Bites Piercing. It looks similar than the snake bites piercing but the only distinguishing factor between the two is that the spider bites piercings are placed closer than the snake bites piercing.

Normally spider bites piercings are done on the one side to the corner of lips, but many people get it done on the two sides and end up getting 4 piercings in total.

While you can have this piercing in a single sitting, but I’ll advise you to get it done in two sitting. It is easy to take care.

Spider Bites Pictures

Spider Bites Piercing Method

  • Begins with sterilizing the area where the piercing is to be made.
  • Then the piercer marks the points with a surgical marker from where the piercing will go through.
  • Piercer asks the customer if he’s satisfied with the position of marking.
  • A sterilized needle is used to perforate the points. It can go through from inner to the outer surface and from outer to inner, depends upon you and your piercer.
  • Jewelry is also threaded to the needle so that as soon as the perforation is made the jewelry can be settled in the piercing.

Spider Bites Piercing Pain

A spider bites piercing is less painful as compared to other piercings even lip being a sensitive area. Nevertheless, people experience pain while getting perforation on their body but people who have got this piercing say that the first stage of healing is most painful. At the same time, the intensity of pain is very much dependent on how much your piercer is experienced and the skills.

Spider Bites Piercing Swelling

Swelling or a small bump is normal in case of any newly done piercing. 3-6 days of swelling is normal in any piercing but if doesn’t go, you should see your piercer or a doctor. 3-4 days swelling is a normal inflammation process that begins within the 24 hours of piercing and gets highlighted till the 3rd day. During this course, you may feel itching on the lips, numbness in the mouth or hot.

It is advisable to see a skin care expert if the pierced skin swells more than the normal. You should wear a large size jewelry from the very first day to maintain the gap between swelled skin and the piercing jewelry.

Spider Bites Piercing Precautions

  • Make sure to see a doctor and a dentist before getting a spider bites piercings to check whether your skin, gums, and teeth are ready for it.
  • Make sure you hit a good piercing salon having an experienced piercer because it takes an expert with a lot of knowledge about exact perforation points for piercing.

Spider Bites Piercing Aftercare

Healing Time

Spider piercing heals in about 4-12 weeks but it majorly depends on how you treat it. The healing process involves keeping the piercing clean, provided that the technique used by the piercer was up-to-the-mark, that you followed proper hygiene afterward and the aftercare.

Symptoms Of An Infection

  • Chills, fever, and soreness.
  • Swelling on the site of the piercing.
  • Severe itching and inflammation.
  • Difficulty in chewing and eating.
  • Swollen lymph nodes of the neck.
  • Difficulty while speaking.
  • Increased pain than normal that lasts more than 2 weeks.
  • Green and smelly discharge.

Do this in case of infection

  • Cleaning involves five minutes sea salt soaks at least twice a day preferably in the morning and evening
  • Rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouth wash after every meal.
  • Take an extra care while brushing your teeth, look the brush doesn’t get caught up in the piercing.
  • Clean the piercing area with an antibacterial face wash or soap at least thrice a day.
  • Eat frozen foods like yogurt as they help in healing the wound.
  • Eat mild food that does not affect the wound.
  • Gently massage the surrounding area with ice.
  • You can use a saline spray for wound wash at the outer skin.
  • Take a cup of turmeric mixed milk twice daily.
  • Keep the piercing area clean, do not let the dirt and sweat settle.
  • Use the warm saline water for mouth wash.

Avoid these activities in case of infections

  • Avoid touching the infected piercing as it may inflame the infection and cause more pain.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking as it can also inflame the infection.
  • Avoid spicy food as it causes burning sensation around the wound.
  • Do not let the piercings get in contact with any cosmetic products or antibacterial ointments.
  • Do not try to change the piercing by yourself.

Spider Bites Piercing Cost 

Usually, the cost of spider bites piercing vary between $40-80 in the top notch piercing studios but it depends on the saloon where you want to get the job done and your location. It also depends on whether you want to get it done in a single sitting or one piercing at a time. Most often the discounts are offered when it is done in a single sitting. Jewellery also affects the cost.

Spider Bites Piercing Cost In The U.K

A single piercing will cost you around 25 pounds but if you get both the piercings at the same time, you’ll be charged 45 pounds, a discount of 5 pounds (Yay)

Spider Bites Piercing Jewellery

Spider bites are normally done with the labrets but can also be done with BCRs and circular ring barbells. Note that at the time of healing, long labrets studs should be worn and large BCRs are recommended to adjust itself as per initial swelling.

It is essential that you ensure that the jewelry for the lip piercing is made from niobium, titanium, eighteen-karat gold, or surgical steel.

Usually, a pair of same jewelry is worn on the both piercings but people nowadays do not hesitate to play around with styles and colors to come up with unique looks.

Why A Spider Bites Piercing Can Cost You High 

Like every face piercing, spider bites piercings are prone to infections. But, risks involved in a spider bites piercing doesn’t stop there.

Two most severe risks involved in the spider bites piercings are Gum Erosion and Teeth Damage.

The jewelry causes gum recession. It can cause the growth and spread of gum disease. This dental damage does not happen overnight, it’s a progression. Which is why, if you decide to get your spider bites piercing, it becomes so much more important to see a hygienist and dentist regularly. By having a routine with your hygienist and dentist, some of this damage can be caught before it becomes a huge concern.

By having a routine with your hygienist and dentist, some of this damage can be caught before it becomes a huge concern.

Some of these problems, such as the gum disease can be controlled or even stopped before it gets worse. Cracks and breaks can be fixed. It is a fact that you will have to understand and live with when you decide to get it done. That’s not to say wearing these bodily adornments is wrong or bad.

Cracks and breaks can be fixed. It is a fact that you will have to understand and live with when you decide to get it done. That’s not to say wearing these bodily adornments is wrong or bad.

With dental problems, tongue swelling and aspiration are also some of the many cons of spider bites piercing which you cannot take for granted.

A good number of people from the country fly to Mexico seeking cheaper dental care, every month because less than half of the population in the United States have dental insurance.

Knowing the prices of dental care here would make you think twice before getting a spider bites piercing. But as I said, you can save yourself from gum diseases and teeth erosion if aftercare did properly.

To Conclude

I’m nowhere saying that you shouldn’t go for a spider bites piercing, but risks involved in it aren’t to be taken for-granted. Any lip piercing needs a great deal of researches, so you must hire an experienced piercer to take the job in the hands. If not put in the correct place, it might be pushed all through the nerves causing severe damage to your mouth.

I’ve written about weight-loss promoting aspect of the tragus piercing (Video also available on the Youtube) and migraines healing aspect of the daith piercing in this video. You should read those articles too, so you know how piercings and other body mods affect your body internally.


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