Mr India 2017 Jitesh Singh Deo

Mr India 2017
Mr India 2017

Mr India 2017 title has finally been bagged by Jitesh Singh Deo on 14th December, 2017 in the final round of the competition. Jitesh Singh Deo iis very ambitious, since he has been looking forward to the Mr. World competition to be held in 2022. Deo has responsibly stated that for him, this joy of winning is only for one day, from tomorrow onward his real fight will start. He will be fully focused on so as how to grab Mr. World title and bring it to India, as now he will be the representative of India in 2022 Mr. World beauty pageant.

Mr India 2017 grand finale at Taj Lands End hotel in Bandra, Mumbai on December 14, 2017 and there were a total of 16 finalists of Peter England Mr India 2017. Sagar Arora, Amit Malik, Balaji M, Kamlesh Solanki, Shaikh Tanvir Hussain, Sanam Bariar, Prathamesh Maulingkar, Krushal Ahuja, Lakshya Sharma, Priyank Sharma, Abhi Khajuri, Ankit Sharma,Vishal Chaudhary, Khan Junaid, Pavan Rao and Jitesh Singh Deo. Along with them on stage was Kangana Ranaut who sizzled the stage with her looks and crowned Deo with the winning medal.


Peter England Mr India 2017 finalists
Peter England Mr India 2017 finalists


The competition Peter England Mr India 2017 was judged by Kangana Ranaut, famous designer Manish Malhotra and the renowned tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi where Jitesh won the title of Peter England Mr. India 2017 and  Prathamesh Maulingkar won the title of Peter England Mr. India Supranational 2017 and will compete at Mr. Supranational 2018. Abhi Khajuria and Pavan Rao won the titles of Peter England Mr. India 1st Runner-Up and Peter England Mr. India 2nd Runner-Up, respectively.

Now let’s checkout some amazing info about Jitesh. He is only 22 years old and hails from Lucknow. Let’s check out Jitesh’s vital stats:

Jitesh Singh Deo Body Stats:

Jitesh Singh Deo image
Jitesh Singh Deo image

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 75 kg

Chest: 44 inches

Biceps: 16 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Jitesh Singh Deo has worked really hard to get these amazing stats. Lets checkout his amazing workout routine that helped him get these awesome award winning stats.

Jitesh Singh Deo Workout Routine:

Deo has been much particular about his workout and has been working really hard in the gym. He use to workout 6 days a week.

Day-1 (Chest, Triceps, Shoulder)

Cardiovascular Exercises – 10 Minutes
Flat Bench Chest Press 3 x 20
Incline Barbell Press 3 X 20
Dumb Bell Fly 3 X 20
Pulley Push Down 3 X 20
Both Arm Dumb Bell Extension 3 X 20
Shoulder Dumb Bell Press 320 x 22 Anterior Deltiod
Front Raise 3 X 20
Lateral Raise 3 X 20
Cardiovascular Exercises – 20 Minutes

Day-2 & 5 (Legs)

Treadmill 20 Mint
Free Squats 3 X 20
Leg Press 3 X 20
Leg Extension 3 X 20
Laying Leg Curl 3 X 20
Standing Calf 3 X 20
Cross Trainer 15 Min

Day-3 & 6 (Abs & Functional Workout)

Cardiovascular exercise – 15 minutes
Floor Leg Raise 3 X 30
Alternate Floor Leg Raise 3 X 30
Floor Crunches 3 X 30
Ball Twisting 3 X 30
Plank 20 Mint
Side Leg Raise 3 X 30
Cycling / Cross Trainer – 3 Minutes

Day-4 (Back & Biceps)

Treadmill – 15 Minutes
Latpull Down 3 X 20
Seated Rowing 3 X 20
One Arm Dumb Bell Rowing 3 X 20
Dumb Bell Curl 3 X 20
Preacher Curl 3 X 20
Cable Curl 3 X 20
Hammer Curl 3 X 20
Reverse Curl 3 X 20
Cardiovascular Exercises – 15 Minutes

To withstand this solid workout routine Deo has been providing his body with all the essential nutrients through diet. Let’s checkout his diet plan:


Jitesh Singh Mr India 2017
Jitesh Singh Mr India 2017


Jitesh Singh Deo Diet Plan:

Deo has a customized chart suiting his needs. The key is to take as much protein as he can with some healthy fats and carbs.
40-50 % protein
30 % carbs
20 % fat

Diet Chart:

Early Morning – Lukewarm Lemon Water (No sugar + No Honey + No Salt) / Green Tea1 Glass / 1 Cup
Breakfast – Oats or milk porridge
Pre lunch – Seasonal fruit (apple)
Lunch – chapati/pulse/low fat curd/veg salad
Snacks – brown bread/peanut butter (4 slices)
Dinner – chapati/pulse/low fat curd/green vegetables
Bed time – Slim toned milk (low fat)

So, this was all about Deo’s diet plan. But, not just this, along with the particulars in diet there are some other lifestyle changes that he embedded which further helps look handsome and stay glamorous. For that sleep is very important, thus Deo sleeps for at least 8 hrs. He also drink lots of water, as it helps stay hydrated and helps remove waste out of body at regular intervals.

He also avoids smoking, fast food and beverages of any kind. He only takes only organic food and stay away from packaged beverages.

This is all what Jitesh did to become Mr India 2017, now is your turn to be the next sensational figure of the country. Follow what Jitesh did and get ready the rock the world.

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