How To Choose A HealthCare Facility For Your Loved One


It is no big mistake that the US health care system is currently in shambles. Sure,
there are a variety of skilled providers to choose from, but the insurance issue is
really making it difficult for many individuals to decide on a provider. In fact,
choosing a healthcare facility for a loved one will probably be one of the most
difficult things that you have to do in the near future, but just remember that the
choice is your to make. Brochures and online searches are great, but these options
really don’t get give you the chance to see the facility first hand, which is a must.
Below, you will learn what you need to look for when you are choosing a health care
facility for a loved one.

Clean And Courteous

As mentioned-above a visit to the facility is almost a must before making a final
decision. You don’t want to wait until an emergency rises and leaves you making an
abrupt decision. When walking through the facility make sure that you are paying
especially close attention to the cleanliness and maintenance. If the facility isn’t very
well maintained or cleaned there is always a chance that this could expose your
loved one to infectious disease. This would be especially true if the surgical
instruments aren’t clean during procedures.
In addition to this, you want to make sure the staff is courteous. No one wants to be
in a healthcare facility, but one thing that can make or break the stay is the staff. A
good friendly staff can make the visit all that much easier.

Consider The Turnover Rate

Whether you looking for US based healthcare facilities for your elderly mother or
you are looking for facilities for your sick kids, you always have to consider the
turnover rate of the employees. It is always best to have your loved ones work with
the same doctor or therapist over and over again. This way the doctor will be
familiar with your loved one’s medical history and your loved one will be familiar
and comfortable with that doctor. You would be surprised what a difference it can
make in recovery if you are working with an individual that you really respond to.
During your visit to the facility ask about the turnover rate, look at the history of the
employees, and ask senior management what they do to keep their turnover rates as
low as possible.

How Do You Increase Quality Of Life For Patients

Recovery can be a long tough drawn out process. Depending on the type of injury or
rehab your loved one is looking at, it could take months maybe even years to
recover fully. And, that is what it is always important to consider what the facility
does to increase the quality of life of patients. Whether it is daily visits, offering of

special amenities, or permitting visitors, this is something that you need to regard
highly. Some facilities will even go as well as bringing in special visitors and
celebrities for children, which always brings a smile!

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Dr. Shauna Allen has a Ph.D. in biomedical science from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis TN and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis TN. She also has a Bachelor's of Science degree in biochemistry/chemistry from the University of California, San Diego.


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