Fast Acting Laxative: Phillips Milk Of Magnesia Review

fast acting laxative

Fast Acting Laxative: Phillips Milk Of Magnesia Review

Hey guys, today I’m gonna review a fast-acting laxative which actually works. Yes, Phillips’ milk of magnesia is actually helping people getting regularity and immediate relief from constipation. This review is not about whether this fast acting laxative works or not but is about whether you should consider it for long or not.

Milk of Magnesia works the first time you take it and it may take 6 hours to have a bowel movement. It may also take just half an hour for milk of magnesia to kick in, it truly depends upon the cause of constipation. Results may vary from person to person.

Manufacturer’s Claim

That this fast acting laxative is cramp-free and stimulant-free (which any pharmaceutical company would). Phillips’ laxative work with your body’s natural process to gently relieve occasional constipation.

Major Ingredient

Magnesium Oxide – Magnesium Oxide is the only active ingredient in this medication. It is generally used to treat heartburn, indigestion, and constipation. Magnesium oxide is a saline laxative that works by increasing fluid in the small intestine. It is also used by the doctors to clean your intestines before a surgery.

Other Ingredients

Croscarmellose sodium is a commonly used matrix to deliver drugs to the intestines. Large doses of croscarmellose sodium may have the ability to create an intestinal blockage.

Pregelatinized starches (dried, cooked starches) are highly digestible. Its consumption on daily basis has resulted in obesity and iron-deficiency anemia in humans. However, no hazard has been suspected to the public when they are used at levels that are now current.

Stearic acid is a long-chain saturated fat that is abundant in beef, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and other natural foods. It doesn’t raise the cholesterol level or risk of heart diseases. Magnesium ion when bonds with two stearate molecules, it forms Magnesium Stearate. Which works as a laxative.

Microcrystalline Cellulose in large quantities provides dietary bulk that may lead to providing regularity.


For Adults and Children age 12:  2-4 Tablespoon.

Younger Children ages 6-11: 1-2 Tablespoon.

(Dose should be followed by 8 ounces of water)

Side Effects

fast acting laxative side effects

  • The most common side effect of this medication or any product containing magnesium is diarrhea. You may need to keep the washroom doors open for a good number of hours.
  • Nausea and thick black stools are also seen in some users, this generally occurs in the case of an overdose. If it gets worse, consider consulting a doctor immediately. Although not many such cases have been noticed still it is a point to be taken care.
  • The few negative reviews centered on experiencing cramps, rectal bleeding, and urgency to use the bathroom while taking this treatment have been noticed.

Bottom Line

Anything artificial can never be considered as a permanent solution for your digestive problems. Anything related to indigestion is either because of your poor eating habits or unhealthy lifestyle. A reason may be junk food, low fiber diet or drinking less water. This medicine is to work as a fast-acting laxative but not a permanent solution to your constipation.

If it’s more than 2-3 days and you still can’t get regularity, you can go for Phillips Milk Of Magnesia. But, if you’re looking for a long-term solution and a permanent treatment, you really need some lifestyle changes and also some natural remedies.


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